Sunday, 11 May 2008

Safety Tips

After getting through the early stages of a new romance, your first meeting will be imminent. My advice is, even if you completely trust the person you have met. You should arrange the meeting in a public place and preferably with a chaparone. You should also let friends and family know about the date and if possible have them talk to the person prior to a meeting. It's always good to have some feedback from loved ones.

You make think it's only women who need to be precautious when meeting online dates. If so then you are wrong. I recently read about an Australian man who travelled to Africa to meet what he though was the woman of his dreams. He was met and taken captive by a group of men and was held for ransom. He was beaten with a MACHETE and was lucky to come out of the ordeal alive. So all you men reading this TAKE NOTE!!!